Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great Jewelry, Great Cause - One very rare Auction

This isnt Balderdash related, but its something that needs to be spread as far and as wide as possible in a very short period of time. Please, feel free to repost to your own blogs, spread the word.

*** Announcing the auction of four Random Calliope Limited Edition sets and one unreleased set. ***

The proceeds of this auction will assist two families who are facing unemployment during this Christmas season. Dig deep, bid generously, and take home a piece of Second Life history for your Christmas present. Bidding will be open through 1:00 PM SLT on Saturday, December 20 SLT at Random's WorthWhile Gallery in Ode.

The pieces that are available for auction span the length of Random Calliope's time in Second Life and show both his progression as an artist and his journey through Second Life. To read in depth about the pieces, please look at Pretty in Prims: A Retrospective of the Artful Visions of Random Calliope.

Spiral Dance was inspired by Mae Best and released as a Limited Edition piece in August, 2005. The set consists of a necklace and earrings.

The Blonde Gatsby is a variation of The Gatsby which was created in honor of the opening of the Grand Ballroom in December 2005. The Grand Ballroom is now a part of the Crescent Moon Museum owned by Tayzia Abattoir and the Blonde Gatsby was the gift given to all the attendees of the rededication of the Museum in the fall of 2007. The set consists of bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

Passe Vuur, or Passion Flame, was inspired by Valadeza Anubis and released as a limited edition in May, 2006. The set includes bracelet, earrings, headpiece, and necklace.

Rendezvous made its debut as a limited edition in September, 2007. It is a truly exquisite piece that makes use of Random's traditional prim built diamond baguettes for the first time. The set includes bracelet, earrings, necklace, and ring.

Little Jimmy Brown is an unreleased set that was made at the same time Random created the one-of-a-kind Miss SL L’Oreal Paris 2007 Tiara. It is a beautiful combination of gold and diamonds that deserves to be placed around the neck of someone you truly cherish. The set includes a necklace and earrings.

Having these pieces come up for auction is truly a rare opportunity to own a piece of SL's culture created by one of its premiere citizens. None of these pieces have been available for over a year and it is hard to say if they will ever be available again. Do not miss this extraordinary chance to add to your Random Calliope collection and help two fellow SLers have a chance at a Christmas this year.

Bids can be made at the WorthWhile Gallery. In addition to this auction, 50% of the proceeds from purchases made at the gallery of Random's unlimited edition jewelry is donated to the Modest Needs charity, which assists people in short term financial need. This is an ongoing project, so always know that when you make a gift of a Random Calliope piece you not only make someone in SL happy but you are also helping people in real life communities throughout the United States.

For more information about this auction and Random Calliope jewelry, please contact Elizabeth Tinsley.

Landmark to the WorthWhile Gallery by Random Calliope

Background Information:

Random Calliope has been honing his craft and sharing his creations with us for almost four years. His chosen medium of expression are tiny prims and his work is often cited as the pinnacle of microprim artistry. What he can create with these miniature building blocks is an exercise in the highest craftsmanship. There is no debating the superior building skills Random displays in his creations. The detail he is able to achieve is breathtaking. Quite simply, he can make prims dance.

Although his building skills are extraordinary, he will be the first to tell you that the building has become second nature. What elevates his jewelry into art is the life that he infuses into each and every prim he places. With nothing more than prims and light Random tells the stories of his Second Life. Every piece is born of SL experience. Every creation is a captured SL moment. Preserved in prims, Random's visions speak to us of the passions inherent in our immersive Second Life. All we need do is listen to the whispers of the storyteller as the light of the SL sky tickles and caresses the unadorned, multifaceted surfaces of his jewelry.

To see a Random Calliope piece is akin to witnessing a wonder of the world because his work is truly breathtaking. It is so detailed in execution as to make one feel as if they could reach out and grasp it in the hand. But to wear a Random Calliope piece is to cross the boundary between worlds and know without a doubt that Second Life is as real as any physical experience you have ever had. The true gift of the artist is to be able to create pieces that speak to the unique experiences of the individual; Random's work carries a piece of him. Because of the intimacy inherent in wearing his jewelry, the spark of life that he puts into every prim he places leaps into the wearer, creating an electric connection between artist and observer. Infused with life the jewelry thus comes alive to shimmer and dance upon the breast, the wrist, the finger, becoming a tangible weight full of the meanings you pour into the piece. Random creates vessels to hold the memories, hopes, and dreams of your SL.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sim Wide party at Oubliette!

Come join us tonight at 6pm SLT for our simwide party! Bring your friends!

Skating, Dancing, Bring your friends!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Whiskey sets in Five different colors!

Don't forget, we have a SimWide party tomorrow at 6pm SLT!

Annnnd theres a TON of holiday stuff out and about!

Yay, For once, a short winded update for you all! :)
Have a great day!

You're Invited!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lots of Wintery goodness @ Balderdash

Oh Noes! Balderdash is on FIRE! We arent sure if the original Oubliette isle is going to be around much longer, so take a peek while you can.

The new store is North on the next sim over... I know, I know, I keep moving. Hopefully I wont have to move again for a while -grins-

There are lots of new things scattered everywhere throughout the new store and in the cottage down the hill. Blogspot is being a pain and won't let me post all the pictures so I'll just toss you the rundown :) Some old and some new :)

New on the steps are the Celestia Celestio memorial candles and globe candles... In the shop: Steampunk angel lawn ornaments and tree toppers. Stockings on the fireplace....Christmas trees and wreaths... The wagon convoy (for underneath the tree) is back this year! You can find that under the trees in the shop AND in the cottage along with the garlands which are both on the store, cottage, and strewn over a few streetlamps here and there.

In the Cottage: Fully decorated tree. I was hounded and hounded last year for this, so I made sure to put it out there somewhere :)

New Warped and Melancholy furniture based off the old Warped and willowy set :) Sculpted snow groundcover sets are outside, there is a mod/copy set and a 20 peice set leaning against the building.

Once you are done over there, head on down the trail a bit to the north and you will find the Build your own Snowman kits are back again this year! Touch their faces to change their expression :) You can find more snaps over at my flickr... :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Stuff and Rental info!~

Hello Everyone!

There is some craziness happening here at Balderdash. First, the new stuff, then an important inquiry :)


When I was a little girl, charm bracelets fascinated me. My favorites were the old vintage ones, with little peices that moved and such wonky little themes. I had quite a collection but lost them in a move, sadly.

Today I've released a set called "Charmed, I'm sure... - (The Faery's Hoard)"
The set features a simple chain with different little charms on it. A pressed four leafed clover... an hourglass, a teacup, a couple little love letters with a quill, a watchface without hands, and an old fashioned telephone. There are three sets of earings that are great for mixing and matching :) I hope you enjoy these little whimsical peices as much as I enjoyed making them.

The new set comes with singular options, as well as a fatpack for the earrings. (I've also gone and fatpacked the Coggle earrings set, and will be fatpacking Elora at some point.)


I had gotten so many requests for unfurnished wagons that I thought maybe thats how everyone wanted them... apparantly not! Who knew? The furnished wagons are available again in the same place as always. Yay, more choice.

Not long after I released the Triskele wagon, I had a request do do the same
one in blacks and reds. I snuck it out into the vendor earlier this week. Very dark and broody.

-----------------------------Rental announcement--------------------------

We are looking for that special someone, could it be you? We like walks along the rocky shoreline, spelunking and exploring by moonlight.... scraped knees and musty old haunted places.... Interested? Read on!

(A letter from Elizabeth Tinsley)

Hi all,

I think we are going to try and make a go of Oubliette and we have to magnificent designers already calling it home, Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash and Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet. We are looking for at least one more person to come and join us on this adventure.

We are aiming on creating an interactive, immersive showcase kind of sim that pulls ppl into a story and let's them become a character. The sim will be an attraction all its own introducing new ppl to your creations and allowing you to work in collaboration with two other amazing artists to create a truly unique SL experience for people. We want all the builds to hollistically fit into story of Oubliette so if you are interested in being a part of the story come and take a look around and then contact Saiyge Lotus or Elizabeth Tinsley to find out more.

space is rented at 5.5L/ prim or 3750 prims for 20k

you will receive a parcel for your store for TPing and such but the prim allotment will be available over the total area of the sim

You really must visit Oubliette and the Isle of LostDreams to truly appreciate what Saiyge has built and see why belonging to this community has the potential to be like no experience you have ever had. Come help carve out your own niche at Oubliette. :)


-Saiyge's Notes-

The Sim is very hilly, and crazy at the moment. It is still in development and changes day by day. Very little is set in stone at the moment. We are really looking for someone who has a sense of adventure, who wants to help us weave this place full of magic and who wouldnt mind becoming a part of Oubliettes story. If you are looking for a place to call home, be it for residential or commercial purposes, please take a look, wander a bit... give us a yell. :)

Thank you for taking a gander at this very rambly note :)
-Saiyge Lotus
-Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry

Friday, October 24, 2008

A whole lot of new stuff!

Where to begin? I've been working working annnnnd working.

Firstly, Whiskey and Sunlight from the Jewelry expo is finally in the main store! There is also a second color scheme available, Whiskey Carnivale.

All the wagons are out again, But this time they are unfurnished... which means.. less prims, more flexibility for you ;) And there is a newwww one too.... The Triskele Bow-Top is all Purples, Teals and Greens.... come by and take a peek....

Also out tonight is another silly little Jackolantern. OoooOOooo is sitting out front with the rest of the pumpkins, playing nice. The name, a silly tip of the hat to UO, for those of you ancient enough in virtual gaming circles to remember :)

Out in Oubliette is also a new wild corn field. Go a wandering to find it! :) Last but not least, are the ladies. Eightish ghostly ladies all sculpted and flexi and sad, spooky or melancholy. Each one seems to have her own story. You can find them out on the porch!

Have a wonderful night!

Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Testing, testing 123

Tired of hearing about the Jewelery expo yet? You arent? No? Can't wait to go? Well good then, because I'm there!

Can't miss me, I'm the monstrously green waternymph booth, number 6 I think.

There are some absolutely wonderful designers that have been hiding themselves very well on the grid, and I am honored to be nestled into the expo with some of them. Go go go, and discover some new people or some old favorites for yourself!

I've released a new set, Whiskey and Sunlight for the expo, and it will only be available at my booth there until the end of the event. (Thats October 11th, you dont have long to get down there!)

For those of you familiar with the Nightengale choker, it is my charity peice with part of the proceeds going to Heifer International.

As for Balderdash...... Jazz Funeral has been updated with a new bracelet, a much requested item. Its available for singular purchase as well, for those of you who allready have the set... but only at the main store as I was so manic working on the booth for the expo that I completely FORGOT that I meant to release it there. Bad Saiyge, No buscuit. By the time I remembered that I had forgotten, my booth had passed inspection and I did -not- want to ask Miriel to go look at it -again-.

There are a bunch of new little things scattered around Oubliette at the shop, by the by... The pumpkins are out, the Cemetery is for sale, There are Cauldrons, Fires, Corrupted Fountains and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that are on the way. Stop by, bring your camera, bring a friend, and a fishing pole... but get thee to the expo first!

By the way, Oubliette /Balderdash has a new Flickr group, feel free to contribute!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Fancy dancy island sim ;)

Yay, new store place! New Releases... etc. etc!

Its very exciting stuff. I know I likely sound less than excited at the moment, it has been a very stressful summer. My parents have been in and out of the hospital. Things have been crazy and chaotic, and I have come down from the 'build euphoria'.

The store can be found here

Oubliette is going to be a highly intensive interactive island with interesting stuff to find and things to poke at. It is not only the store location, but a place to weave fairytales and to unravel mysteries. Keep checking back.... and feel free to come on over and fish! (I have it on high authority that there might be some super rare junk hiding in the water somewhere... of course, that is just a rumor. -cough-)

Friday, September 5, 2008

shhhh... I haz a seekrit.......

I know, I release things in a dervish and then dissapear. -grin-

Friends of mine havent heard from me..... They likely see me pop up and pop out, but I've been mostly silent.

I'm in mad scientist/psychotic artist mode.

I'm just pulling my head out of the whirlwind to say Hello!!!

And... sooooooon I'll be able to share :)
-jigs back to work-

Sunday, August 24, 2008

HUGE New releases post..... and other updates

I've been procrastinating on this post for a while now, but figured I'd better toss it out there before a year goes by :)

First, please remember you have two options for release updates. There is a normal, traditional group listed under Balderdash, and then theres the subscribe-o-matic group, which is right outside the door at the shop. Same updates and all that, but I'm not limiting chatter in the normal group. My regular group is pretty quiet, but every once in a while people talk in there and because I like to get to know people, I dont want to be a crazed moderator. SO! If you dont like a little chatter, just use the S.O.M. option ;)

Jewelery first, and then all the other stuff :)

Jazz Funeral Necklace & Earrings set

My first beaded set! :) It occurred to me, not for the first time, while building this and the next release, that for someone who loves, loves, loves making jewelry, that I certainly despise and hate the tedious placing of actual necklace chains.

I know there are rezzers for creating oh so perfect necklace bits (at least for around the throat), I just cant seem to bring myself to use them. Then I sit and think of how much faster it is for me to bead in RL.... which is part of why I try to make my jewelry imperfect I think. Real chains and beads kink, they dont lay absolutely perfectly, yah?

Nightengale Necklace

This choker piece is a partnership betwixt the previously released Meadowlark and Jazz Funeral. The darker side, if you will, of that cameo I did to go along with Hya's purty dresses. I had done this blue cameo shortly after that release, but really had no idea what to do with it until recently. Here it is, nestled in with a mix of hematite, jet and crystal.

Balderdash now sports a lucky chair. It was a complete impulse idea, which caused me to make this little bauble.

Simple black bakelite bracelet. I forget to make bracelets and rings an awful lot, because I get so aggrivated with the wrist into forearm mesh, or the way my AO messes with my hands, so, because I don't often wear rings etc, I just plain old forget to make them. Bad Saiyge, no biscuit.

And then there was mooooore stuff, including a few secret releases you diddnt get spammed with in the groups. (I know, I know, bad bad bad me.)

Hanging Flower baskets :)

Whats a French Quarter inspired build without some flora hanging around and about eh? This basket is available in three sizes, Small, Medium, and OH MY GOD ITS HUGE.

The large ones are for those of you who, like me, have a gigantic balcony and don't want the baskets to get lost in all the space.

Time, Time, Time Ruins....

A while ago, around the time I made the Persistence set, I had made this beat up sculpture. I think it was back when I was in Caledon still, and I couldnt find the prims to toss it all out there, AND I figured... who would want this thing? Apparantly, a few friends wanted it, so here it is, with a few poses thrown in for good measure.

I'm going to have to either forgo pictures here, or split this into another post.... So for now, here's a quick list of other things you may have missed.

The Cajun fog Gaslamps.... All of which fall under 6 prim.
Streetlamps - Found outside the shop
Wall mounted - Found outside on either side of the doors...
Ceiling pendant - Reflects stars on the ceiling! You can find it inside and just look UP :)


The Old Swamp Willow - I -love- this thing :) I'm a tree hugger, I know. I grew up being a tom boy and climbing trees, hiding in them for hours. This old man is really just a trunk that bends over the water at the shop. There are five poses in it for lazing away the afternoon with your friends ;)


Fountains! There are two fountains outside the shop in the courtyard. I was so excited on how they turned out. You can see peeeektures on my flickr stream, or, alternatively, you could come see them at the shop :) I am still in love with these so I figure its a good sign yah? :)

Secrety, not announced stuff....

My first plants were a bunch of herbs that never saw light of day at the store. I've gone and released one, "Saiyge's Rosemary" You can find it by the Old Willow near the water :)

Sculpted votive holders.... I love my jelly jar candles, but wanted to offer a lower prim version. These turned out more frosted in appearance, mostly because they just cant refract light the same way as the multi-primmed out jars. These are tucked in around the store in various colors.

More in the works! Including that spanish moss some of you keep poking me for :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Location, New Build, New Stuff!

Balderdash has reopened and is up in the skies for now. Tons of new releases have gone out this week (big post will be made on that for recap purposes soon.)

Monday, July 21, 2008


I had a rather long post all written out and in progress when out of nowhere... Blue screen of death.

My computer is very unstable for reasons beyond my understanding. These are new parts, it should NOT be behaving this way at all, but I digress.... for now. Forgive me, I'm making this as cut and dry as I can lest I get shut down somehow while writing it again.

Yesterday was my first day back on the internet. This is a bit of a culture shock for me as it were, I have been living in alot of silence for the last few months. Its going to take me some time to reacclimate to SL, IM's, typing, and sorting through the insane amount of bundled prim in my lost and found folder.

SL was very selective in what it allowed me to receive while I was gone. I have notifications in email that are different than things I actually got in SL and vice versa.... if you havent heard from me and you tried to get a hold of me, please try again.

The store WILL reopen, I just dont quite know when/how/where.

Thats the shorthand ;) For now, please be patient with me. My computer is freezing up, restarting, trying to reformat itself, and in general, is driving me insane. I am baffled.
A solution should hopefully be on the way soon :)

In the meantime, Thank you for hanging out while I was gone, and for your patience both then and now :)


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saiyge Update

**posted by Elizabeth Tinsley on behalf of Saiyge Lotus**

Saiyge had her Internet access cut off at the end of May and then briefly lost her electricity. Though the electricity has been turned back on the cable is still unavailable and does not look to be turned back on in the near future. Furthermore the location that Balderdash was occupying has reinvented itself so as of now the store is offline indefinitely as well.

Saiyge would like to extend her deep appreciate to Milli Santos who allowed her space for Balderdash for many months. It was an incredibly generous offer and one she felt honored to receive. Saiyge also wishes to thank all her loyal customers who continued to patronize Balderdash through out this very difficult spring. Saiyge tried very hard to continue to stay online but in the end the odds against her were just too great.

On an encouraging note, although I don't know when Saiyge will be back, I know she WILL be back so please keep an occasional eye to this blog for further updates. She can receive email but she cannot respond to it so if you could take a moment or two to send her some words of encouragement I am sure it would mean a lot to her.

If you need to reach Saiyge you are welcome to contact me, Elizabeth Tinsley, and I will pass along all messages to her.

Friday, April 25, 2008

And just when you thought it was safe.....

I have new problems with the computer... and frankly, I am exhausted with having computer issues. Seriously :(

The fan on my motherboard chip is dead. I have the good old housefan propped and blowing directly on my board but my temps have been skyrocketing in the last week or so.

This comp has more 'new' parts in it than I can fathom, and still, things happen and things break, and I just dont have the resources to keep replacing things.

IF there is ever a next time, where I am in a position to get a new comp, which is not likely as this computer was built under the pretense that I was not going to be able to afford a new one for several years.... But should there be a next time, I'll just go back to good old prepackaged, prebuilt, extended warranty blah blah blah out of the box models.

This has been a horrible experience. The parts are all highly rated and highly reccomended to be reliable. We did 6 months of homework on every part that went into this machine.

So... right now, I"m paring down on all responsiblities I currently have in SL, my machine, and my life, have become far too unstable for me to make any sort of commitments.
I'm just posting here in case I'm unable to actually get inworld to let people know that yet again, I have issues.

Perhaps this is some wierd kind of divine intervention to get me out of SL ... blah.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When does this sale end anyway???

I've been hit with the plague. I'm thinking it might be the flu... we aren't sure, only that it hit us hard on Saturday and my husband and I are slammed with fever, chills, aches, coughing blah blah blah. On top of this, I pulled a bunch of muscles in my back the other night, so its fun here all around.

I have, as a result, been a little scarce and only coming in here and there to handle things for short periods of time. (See what I mean, by bad luck?)

Anyway, I'm in no condition to come in there and reset prices, so I'm thinking the sale goes on until this coming weekend. (29/30th)

Thank you for your continued support!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Sale info- All Jewelry knocked down

All Jewelry has now been knocked down in price.
Sale items are at the main store location in Stern only.

New Release and the "If it weren't for bad luck..." Sale!

I am not a person who really likes airing my drama for the universe to see... however, being that I dont want to close the store, have it disapear, be forced offline, or... suffer through several other things that are about to happen... I'm going to shove my pride in the basement for a minute... or a week... or.. something.

I am a chain of events. Last year, my computer died. Big time. The power supply shorted everything else out. It killed all sorts of parts. Some of these things were covered under warranty, and other things weren't and needed to be replaced. With bills piled up, I was offline for months. Recently my graphics card went, and now my hard drive is going.

One thing alone isnt so bad. I am a person who merely tries to stay out of the way and keep my head above water. But lately... that water is getting a little too thick to tread, and I think there are some rather spiny scary things circling around me in the dark.

I am not a person who asks for help, nor do I accept it very well. But now... I'm asking... and trying very hard not to delete all of this and just fizzle out into the aether.

Alot of merchandise at the store has been marked down 10-30%. Individual jewelry hasnt been marked down, but the SETS of the jewelry HAS been. New releases are exempt for the time being from being marked down :)

Speaking of which..... Big release from me :)

Big release :)

Recycled Gothica ... Trestle Table, Trestle Bench, and the Recycled Gothica Pew
These were fun ;) These are constructed using bits from an old church... The table top is an old door, the wood is recycled flooring, and the supports are Stained glass windows and gothic trim carvings. Is it wise to throw those windows on the floor under a table? Maybe not, but hey, its SL.. and I like em.

The bench and pew dont have poseballs, but the bench has four poses, and the pew has three :)

Casks o' Goodness! Big old barrels, one is tapped, and the other is :)

And another one I've been working on for quite a while but never got them to a place (visually) that I liked enough to release them... until now ;)

Candles in Jelly Jars! :) Several different colors, these throw a gentle flickering light on the surface below. I -love- these, and I hope you will to!

All that said... Thank you all for your interest, support, and well wishes. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Release- Triskele

The Triskele set.... Earrings and choker bits....
Located at Balderdash in Stern.


I love Triskeles. I've been in a bit of a race of the clock lately, working on what might be the last customs I ever do without seriously rethinking current policies. It was nice to be able to slow down a little to make something that holds so much meaning to me personally.

What I love about doing custom work, is that it always gives me a new perspective, the opportunity to do something I might never think to do on my own... The bad bits are always that people usually do not value the time or service you are giving them, and in most cases, certainly don't want to pay you for what the time is worth. There is a strange anomoly that goes into SL Wages, and unfortunately its the same thing that drives content theft. Alot of people don't take these things seriously because to them its a game. .... Its not about real work, it's not about having to put food on your table or keeping the lights on to them.

You do after all.. have cable, and a computer.. surely you are well off? A few bucks for three days of work is no skin off your nose yah?
I'd -love- to have that kind of attitude too.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just a note...

I have... alot of issues going on. Some of them are just ... still going on. The computer is still unstable... and because of a myriad of issues, I may be forced offline for an undetermined amount of time.

Should this happen, I can be emailed at, though I wont have access to it until.... well... I'm not sure. I really am torn with being extremely honest and putting it all out there and .... not saying anything at all. There really isnt any possible way for me to give details without coming out with all of them.

I can only really say that things are not going well.

The store, is in a safe place for the time being, thanks to one hell of a nice woman :) And if she needs to hit that autoreturn button, I completely understand. I really have no idea about how long this forced hiatus could wind up being... It could be a day, it could be a year.

My point is.... first... if I'm not here, Elizabeth Tinsley has my contact information and CAN get a hold of me if need be. She will know if I've fallen off the face of the earth or not. (Just be nice to her if she takes a bit getting back to you, she's got alot of work on her plate as it is.)

Other than that... I want to be sure all of you know how grateful I am for your support of Balderdash, It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know some of you, and I will do my best to get back if things turn out the way I think they will.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Special project - Collaboration peice with the lovely Hya of Silent Sparrow

I am one lucky girl. I have been a big fan of Hya's gorgeous clothing for some time now, and I've been blessed to find that she is not only talented, but unique, down to earth and a wonderful friend. Hya has been a color for me for a while now, with her distinctive tealy blue signature... and she's also been an inspiration for other projects of mine. When I started trinketing with jewelry, there was no question in my mind that eventually I'd like to do something to go with her lovely pieces.... The question would be How badly would I embarrass myself?

I mentioned something along the lines of maybe doing a set to go with one of her releases sometime.. oh.. last week? Little did I know she would give me the chance to do just that within days.

Last weekend, Hya passed me these lovely confections in gradient stripes and florals... Immediately what sprang to mind was victorian disneyesque gothica. I've been working almost nonstop on this set all week (computer permitting). I'll be releasing this set tomorrow, but theres no reason you cant have a sneaky peek at it.
(Do any of you actually read this thing anyway???) ^^

This dress immediately had me thinking spring, lush rolling meadows and little fat chickadees and bluebirds swarming amongst the butterflies. I wracked my brain wondering what in the world could I make for -this-? It wasn't all that hard. The hard part was getting the cameo I wanted accomplished. Warm iridescent shell, and a lovely victorian lady holding a fat little bird in the palm of her hand. This is the vision that came to mind.... I rather like her.

The set consists of a choker of ribbon with laces that trail down the back from a little bow, the necklace, the earrings.. and a brooch that is meant to nestle betwixt ones cleavage. Now... I wear an awful lot of suits (I really only wear dresses for shock value and out of very random urges... Its very rare that I'll be seen in a skirt.) And I really love this cameo... so the brooch bit doubles as a cravat pin. (You get both the cravat AND the brooch together when you buy them. One attaches at the chest, one attaches to the spine)

The bits come on their own, OR you can buy a Necklace set (necklace/earrings) Choker set (choker, earrings) Or the whole dang kit.. and it comes with.. well... all the pieces at a little bit of a discount :)

OH! All the pieces I sell are now : Copy/mod (on headpieces and neck bits) and Earrings/brooches are copy only.

If you would like to gift someone with a set, just let me know, I"ll give you a mod/trans set... until I get myself a vendor set up for gift purposes. (I don't bite,... much) :)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Hya... for being such a lovely muse, and a wonderful friend. :) And thank you to all of you out there for your encouragement and support :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentines / Anti Valentines day Gridwide Scavenger hunt!

Did you know that.......:

Balderdash is in a new location!!!! I know, I keep moving, theres a long story, I'll tell you all the nastiness in a little bit. Check my profile for the new LM. (Saiyge Lotus) I'll update the slurls here soon.

Theres a gridwide Valentines day hunt!!!! Balderdash is one of the participating stores, and I'm releasing two pairs of earrings for it :)

Over thirty designers have gotten together to produce a Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt that will span the grid! Each location will have a gift box hidden inside their store. The boxes will randomly change locations inside the store so you'll need to stay alert!

The starting location will be at This will not be open to the public open until 1:00am STL February 9.

The gift boxes will be displayed for you to see, and all instructions will be given at that time! Please read the signs at the location when you arrive, and follow the directions. Then head off across the grid to start your hunt!

The treasure hunt begins at 1:00am SLT February 9 and will continue until 11:00pm SLT February 11

Look for goodies for both men & women from the following designers:

~ *AE* ~ Accessories by Eolande ~ ANIMAH ~ AnnaH ~ Balderdash ~ Bodies by Oh! ~ Boingo ~ Calla ~ Caroline's Jewelry ~ Cassini Creations ~ CKS Designs ~ DaeSkins ~ Designing Nicky Ree ~ Elite Designs Furniture ~ enkythings ~ First Impressions ~ Hair Solutions ~ Hubby's Boutique ~ Ingenue ~ Irelyn ~ KessKreations ~ Kitchy/UOMO ~ Moonshine ~ PajamaRama ~ Philotic Energy ~ PrimPlay ~ Reaction ~ Rose Petal Creations ~ SecondWave Apparel ~ She's So Unusual Shoes ~ SYD: Style Your Destiny ~ Tea Monster Clothing ~ Textures 'r Us ~ Topaz Square ~ Vitamin Ci ~ Wilted Rose ~

Now.. for the more personal stuff....
My comp has been going through some nasty problems. My video card died on me this week, and I was using my backup. The problem with the backup is that the fan on -that- was faulty, and was unable to spin due to the housing around it. The card, was unstable, overheating, and shutting my computer down unexpectedly, which in turn, screwed up all files in my OS.

Last night, it reached the point where my system couldnt load anything without freezing out, and I wound up having to reformat my C drive. I was up until 5AM this morning trying to figure out why it then wasnt acknowledging my modem at all, when I finally gave up and went to bed for two hours.

This morning I Figured out the driver issue, got SL loaded, and got inworld just oh.. six hours late for the Valentines day hunt, tired, and just barely coherent enough to place the box down, and then get promptly ordered to bed by my other half.

Basically, the store moved out of Caledon as I was not sure I'd even be able to stay open for reasons both financial and because of the hardware/software issues.
I'm sure I'm forgetting things. I'll add more if I can think of it :)
But yay, the store is safe for a little while at least, and even better, FREE stuff at the store! Get goin! ;)

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whats new, whats happening, etc...

meep, so its been a little too long since I posted.

So.. whats new? The store is rebuilt, I've recently released oh.. lets see..

-Tons of Giftboxes....
-Two furniture sets (upstairs)
The chairs are no poseball, animation cycle-ableish. Sit on them and touch to switch from one sit to the next, there are two poses in there ;)
-I released my first sets of Jewelry, you can find them near the door :)
-Fixed the model of Steamed Holly for the wagon vendor. The wagon itself wasnt broken, but the doors on the model version had the wrong rotations.
-Changed and re-released the pipesmoke and tobacco shelving and fireplace set, they are much more shallow now, much easier to use.

I am currently working on:
More jewelry... grueling ;/
Getting things up on Slex and Onrez
A ham, its in the oven (no really, I'm baking a ham)
Trying not to just shut down the store and call it quits ^^

OH!!!! I've gone and switched the group availability, you can still join the SL based group, but new signups are going through the Subscribe-o-matic (more info at if you dont know what that is) Yay, no more choosing between me and your group slots!