Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When does this sale end anyway???

I've been hit with the plague. I'm thinking it might be the flu... we aren't sure, only that it hit us hard on Saturday and my husband and I are slammed with fever, chills, aches, coughing blah blah blah. On top of this, I pulled a bunch of muscles in my back the other night, so its fun here all around.

I have, as a result, been a little scarce and only coming in here and there to handle things for short periods of time. (See what I mean, by bad luck?)

Anyway, I'm in no condition to come in there and reset prices, so I'm thinking the sale goes on until this coming weekend. (29/30th)

Thank you for your continued support!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Sale info- All Jewelry knocked down

All Jewelry has now been knocked down in price.
Sale items are at the main store location in Stern only.

New Release and the "If it weren't for bad luck..." Sale!

I am not a person who really likes airing my drama for the universe to see... however, being that I dont want to close the store, have it disapear, be forced offline, or... suffer through several other things that are about to happen... I'm going to shove my pride in the basement for a minute... or a week... or.. something.

I am a chain of events. Last year, my computer died. Big time. The power supply shorted everything else out. It killed all sorts of parts. Some of these things were covered under warranty, and other things weren't and needed to be replaced. With bills piled up, I was offline for months. Recently my graphics card went, and now my hard drive is going.

One thing alone isnt so bad. I am a person who merely tries to stay out of the way and keep my head above water. But lately... that water is getting a little too thick to tread, and I think there are some rather spiny scary things circling around me in the dark.

I am not a person who asks for help, nor do I accept it very well. But now... I'm asking... and trying very hard not to delete all of this and just fizzle out into the aether.

Alot of merchandise at the store has been marked down 10-30%. Individual jewelry hasnt been marked down, but the SETS of the jewelry HAS been. New releases are exempt for the time being from being marked down :)

Speaking of which..... Big release from me :)

Big release :)

Recycled Gothica ... Trestle Table, Trestle Bench, and the Recycled Gothica Pew
These were fun ;) These are constructed using bits from an old church... The table top is an old door, the wood is recycled flooring, and the supports are Stained glass windows and gothic trim carvings. Is it wise to throw those windows on the floor under a table? Maybe not, but hey, its SL.. and I like em.

The bench and pew dont have poseballs, but the bench has four poses, and the pew has three :)

Casks o' Goodness! Big old barrels, one is tapped, and the other is :)

And another one I've been working on for quite a while but never got them to a place (visually) that I liked enough to release them... until now ;)

Candles in Jelly Jars! :) Several different colors, these throw a gentle flickering light on the surface below. I -love- these, and I hope you will to!

All that said... Thank you all for your interest, support, and well wishes. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

New Release- Triskele

The Triskele set.... Earrings and choker bits....
Located at Balderdash in Stern.


I love Triskeles. I've been in a bit of a race of the clock lately, working on what might be the last customs I ever do without seriously rethinking current policies. It was nice to be able to slow down a little to make something that holds so much meaning to me personally.

What I love about doing custom work, is that it always gives me a new perspective, the opportunity to do something I might never think to do on my own... The bad bits are always that people usually do not value the time or service you are giving them, and in most cases, certainly don't want to pay you for what the time is worth. There is a strange anomoly that goes into SL Wages, and unfortunately its the same thing that drives content theft. Alot of people don't take these things seriously because to them its a game. .... Its not about real work, it's not about having to put food on your table or keeping the lights on to them.

You do after all.. have cable, and a computer.. surely you are well off? A few bucks for three days of work is no skin off your nose yah?
I'd -love- to have that kind of attitude too.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just a note...

I have... alot of issues going on. Some of them are just ... still going on. The computer is still unstable... and because of a myriad of issues, I may be forced offline for an undetermined amount of time.

Should this happen, I can be emailed at saiyge@gmail.com, though I wont have access to it until.... well... I'm not sure. I really am torn with being extremely honest and putting it all out there and .... not saying anything at all. There really isnt any possible way for me to give details without coming out with all of them.

I can only really say that things are not going well.

The store, is in a safe place for the time being, thanks to one hell of a nice woman :) And if she needs to hit that autoreturn button, I completely understand. I really have no idea about how long this forced hiatus could wind up being... It could be a day, it could be a year.

My point is.... first... if I'm not here, Elizabeth Tinsley has my contact information and CAN get a hold of me if need be. She will know if I've fallen off the face of the earth or not. (Just be nice to her if she takes a bit getting back to you, she's got alot of work on her plate as it is.)

Other than that... I want to be sure all of you know how grateful I am for your support of Balderdash, It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know some of you, and I will do my best to get back if things turn out the way I think they will.