Friday, December 28, 2007

Apparantly I was so bad this year, that I diddnt get coal in my stocking, I got a cold/flu/possible sinus infection for Christmas.

That said...
I've been fighting a bad fever for the past few days. Usually I work even when sick, but I cant even focus on this post let alone anything else.

So.... the sale on Christmas items was intended to last until the first, but it might? last longer dependant on when I can get my brain back. If you have any problems and need to get a hold of me, please be patient, just drop a notecard on me. If I manage to log in, IM's might get drunken responses. Dayquil is effecting me in really strange ways.

Thank you for your patience

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cool Yule Sale @ Balderdash!

At the main store only, almost all seasonal items have been knocked down by 15-30%! Christmas trees, Wreaths, Lights, Garlands and the snowmen, all have been knocked down.
The Christmas Wagon convoy, and the "Box of Tree things" have been knocked down too!

The sale goes on until I sweep everything away at the end of the year so get on in here~! Most Items are transferable!

(note: Prices are NOT retroactive.. :( )

Friday, December 14, 2007

New "Steamed Holly" Caravan, and news....

I would show you the wagon, but I havent gotten around to doing any decent promo shots of it yet because I have been s-w-a-m-p-e-d, in work. So! If you want to see the new wagon, go on over to the main shop, she's sitting right near the entry point. She's very detailed, and very unique.

She includes 9 pose pillows that are UNLINKED to the build, so you can use them, not use them, or put them where-ever you want them :) The bed and the big pillow thereon, change texture on touch, four different options... The couches do too, with three options. I think this baby ranges in under 130 prims not including the poses. The picture I Released to the group doesnt do her justice, you really need to see her in person.

Okay, that said... I'd like to share this with you......

Yep, thats yours truly, doing a neato ad for Random Calliope in celebration of his generous donation to charity. This is the final Rendezvous set being put up on auction for a worthy cause.
Go take a look here.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Silly Memes. 8 Random Facts.

Achariya, the evil girl, has gone and tagged all of Caledon in this meme. I'm officially rooted in Caledon now.... so I suppose that includes me :P

Eight Random Facts

1) I had to leave my job when my son was diagnosed with severe albiet 'functional' Autism. Thats when Sue talked me into trying to build.... Blame her, its all her fault.

2) I'm blind in one eye.

3) I -cannot- greet people if I am not at my store, or not introduced. For some reason, on my own turf I am much less shy. I will get ready to go to events and have every intention of pushing past the shyness, and yet will get twenty meters of the location and be physically unable to make myself -go-. Its very silly, very stupid, and yet there it is. Its certainly a -problem-.

4) I hate confrontation and negative drama. I have so much going on in my first life, the last thing I need is drama in SL. I think this may be a part of why #3 is such an issue.

5) I forget names, birthdays, to eat, what time it is. All the time.

6) I am always freaking out about Tier.

7) I should have gone back to bed this morning, and diddnt.

8) I often push myself far too hard, and wind up burned out and exhausted as a result. It often takes hindsight to see this. (You mean working 18 hours a day when you have bronchitis could make things worse?) ... eek.

Not tagging anyone, seriously, who -hasnt- been tagged allready?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Moves, Releases, and the pondering of Passive Aggressiveness.

First up, Balderdash has moved on over to Caledon completely~! I'm still moving in, still working on the build, still.. working on the whole thing, but thats where I am now -grins- And so far? Much happier.

This week, I've released some steampunky gear angels as tree toppers and lawn ornaments, the large ones... lookie like dis.

I've put out the Christmas ornaments, they are all copy, and there is a fatpack under the tree that includes all the ornaments, the candles, the strands of lights, etc. This picture doesnt really do much for the justice department, but... well, you get the idea.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Snowflakes and Twinkle-Sno-Toes... Mailbox Lamps for the Winter!

Just released last night, two new mailbox lamps... Left- Twinkle Sno-toes, Just like his big brother in the 'Build your own Snowman kit" located in the front yard at Balderdash, you can click this little guy's face to change his expression!

Not shown, is the Snowflake Mailbox lamp. You can find these for sale in the Mailbox Lamp Vendor, Directly across from the main store door against the wall. Cant miss it ^.~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it....

Eesh! My little one was home with pneumonia last week. I think when we took him for his follow up on Thursday, that I picked up some mystery illness at his Doctors office. -mumble-

We think I have bronchitis or something equally or more wretched.

So, I will be slowing down on the crazy daily triple releases.

In other news.... I sold my Caledon location, it was too small, and it breaks my heart to do it but... I'm not nearly successful enough to have the main store location, let alone the offshoot in Caledon unless I could move the entire shop there.

I did silently release some strands of starlight lights... you can find them outside the shop hanging on the walls.

Thats about it for me... for now... If you need anything, give a yell, I'll be trying to force myself to do some sort of work, likely that coughing you hear is me, over 300m above.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

'Zat you, Santa Clause?

I've been blogged!!!! -glee- There is something both scary and thrilling about seeing someone writing about your work, Thank you so much Ach. :)

I have... so many releases going on its not even funny. So! Lets get on with it yah?

Today: The Double swirled curly streetlamps are now in a vendor... Along with today's release, a new lower prim streetlamp on the same theme as the Serpetine lamps I've had for a while, The Serpentina teardrop lamps come in three different shades, Are a little lower in prim, and I happen to think they are pretty swell. -grins-

Yesterday: Christmas trees and wreaths, all prelit, found their way -finally- into the vendor inside the main store. This is setting a foundation, there are alot of things coming for these trees.... -smiles-
The Pines are my very first tree ever, and I'm rather proud of them. There is a large outdoor twinkly tree in white lights available by the wagons. The smaller christmas trees are all under 16 prims I think... depending on the light scheme you choose. This makes it pretty prim affordable for you to dress them up as much or as little as you like... More coming on that, I promise....

The wreaths are prelit, they come in twinkle versions and in steady light versions. Due to the allready crazy demand, yes, I'll be offering them with different ribbon colors as soon as I get a chance. :)

Also!!! last night I released the "Build your own Snowman Kit" He comes with : Head (his expression changes when you click his face), sculpted carrot nose, Lower body parts, Twiggy arms, a scarf, Pine bough mustache and eyebrows, Berry beard, Berry goatee (the berries are flex) ..

Earlier this week... I released garlands in different sizes, and when I have taken a few days off from them, I will be trying to assemble a garland kit.

Lots more coming as the season draws closer...
Did you know theres only 40ish days till Christmas? -ducks and runs-

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Wagons are Back! ...

Just a note to say that the wagons are finally back. You can find them out in a vendor on the front lawn. Very exciting for me, as now I can build new things with the available prims, for the time being at least.

Now that Halloween has come and gone -sniffle-, I'll be leaving the pumpkins out for one more day before they dissapear until next year. Grab em now if you havent allready!

Naturally, alot of the other things may seem Halloween oriented, the cauldrons have always been a part of Balderdash, they arent going anywhere, and Primzilla will stay in the vendor as well, so no worries on that count.

The only wagon you -wont- find is the Equine. She's undergoing a makeover. -wicked grin- Keep your eyes peeled!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bad things.. continued....

So.. the bad..... I was forced to reformat my C drive as windows would not even load this morning. Somehow during the reformat and install process, I also completely wiped out my main storage drive. I've lost everything....
Every texture I have ever done before and during the last year, gone.
Every sketch, snapshot, first life photography projects...
All of it is gone.

My paint programs, the disks were destroyed earlier this year. I am utterly screwed at this moment in time, and will have to try and recover from the ground up as far as this goes, I'm really not sure how long it will take, or where to start.

At the moment, my F drive needs attention.... I suppose downloading firefox and SL would be a good start.

Please bear with me while I try to regain sanity.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bad things- part deux....

The problem appears to be intermittent. Chkdisk finally -finally- on its 20'ish attempt made it all the way through checking the big drive, this time it managed to -do- something and hopefully repaired the issue.

Speedfan is checking the integrity of the drive as I type this, we shall see.
Good energy, happy thoughts, crossed crossables are all appreciated. -smiles-

Gah, problems....

I don't even know if anyone looks at this thing or not. I'm having some major problems with my secondary hard drive. My system runs on two drives at the moment. The smaller one, C is a partitioned drive, its old, its been loyal. It replaced the first hard drive that blew as a result to what we think happened to everything else earlier this year when I was forced on hiatus.... which was a faulty power supply that was burning out everything.

At the moment, my F drive, the big one, the good one.. the "lets install everything on HERE so that if C fails....." .... is giving errors, locking up my system, causing me huge issues. If this drive is failing all hell is breaking loose for me and I wind up losing about 95% of the programs I use on a daily basis.
... Not to mention, all my base texture files, all of my snapshots, ..... absolutely everything is on this drive.

I dont know what this means at the moment, only that I wanted to give people a heads up that there are serious problems with my comp at the moment and I dont know what that will mean for releases etc. I'll post again when I know anything else -sighs-

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aiii, What a week!!!!

Talk about being stressgirl ^^. Over the last week I've moved a few things to the Le Cadre shop, although, not much really. 75 prims doesnt go far when you do trinkets -chuckles- , I've also moved out of Intemptesta Nox, as the region is undergoing major construction... and I've moved to a nice little island in the middle of nowhere.

Its quite a culture shock for me at the moment. The entire place was level and flat, but thankfully -not- all sand. I am truly not fond of beach, beach, beach. It's different in alot of ways from being in Intemp, brighter.... less haze, regular sun cycle. If you have been to Intemptesta... I dont need to even start on the change in ambience, you will know. I knew I was utterly spoiled on that count before.

I am still tweaking the build, but its coming along. Its quite a bit different from anything I've done before ... I have a habit in getting caught up in tiny details. ... I'm trying to take a step back from it at the moment so I can see it with fresh eyes, as I've been forbidden to trash the setup.

So! In the meantime, forgive my dust and my constant little changes here and there, but come and see!! :) I've updated the Slurl ---> But you can look me up inworld and the link is in the classifieds on my profile :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I finally got around to posting lots of things here, and wouldnt you know it, Blogger ate my post. Oi.

So first up! I'm starting a contest.

The Prize? Free Wagons!!!!!

The Rules: Be a member of the Balderdash update group in SL. You can either search for Balderdash under groups, or you can run to the main store location (see SLurl to the right) and just tap the Group invitation sign next to the door. I'll get you an invite as soon as I see the request come up.

What you need to do:  Write up a notecard and drop it onto my mailbox outside the main store location.  Include your name, Tell me about what sort of wagons you would like to see, color schemes, themes, fabrics, whatever you can think of, toss it on in there. Do you want it furnished? Unfurnished? What would you use it for?

What happens then?:  If I find some ideas that grab me, and I use them, you get a free wagon on release!  Now, I'm not sure about how many entries I may get.... this said, if say... a bunch of you come up with the same ideas, I may have to simply release the wagon at a discounted price instead of handing out 20 free wagons....  We'll see what happens, it cant hurt to try, so get out there and start daydreaming!

Other news~!!!!

Balderdash- Bagatelle and Trinketry was one of seven winners in the first wave chosen for a free spot over at Le Cadre!!!!! I'm still in shock, I havent set up yet... but when I do, I'll let you know!!!! If you would like to see the location, see the SLurl--->

Halloween Edition- Primzilla Vardo Released this weekend!!! You can see it for sale over at Caledon Wellsian! (Slurl on your right)

Special Edition **Sparrow** Wagon price reduction!!!!
In celebration of my RL Rez Date (10/8) last week, and my upcoming Rez date (10/18) I have lowered the price of this very special wagon to 1000L. You can see it for sale over at Silent Sparrow!!! (Slurl... again... on the right -----> )

Changes to perms!   All wagons at Slex and Onrez are still transfer... for now.  All wagons currently on display (Sparrow and Primzilla) Are now copy only, to prevent you from losing them due to strange happenings in the grid.

Once things get back to normal and I get all the wagons back on display, I will offer them -both- ways, and those of you who have transfer only, will be able to turn them in for copy versions.
I cannot exchange copy versions for transfer versions.... for obvious reasons. I will post here and announce to the group when I am able to start working on this transition, but I wanted to give you all a heads up.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Post!

You know, its really strange when something you used to do all the time, becomes a phenomenon. A social wave per se.  I remember hand coding html and typing up journal posts with a very tempremental capslock/shift key in 1995.  And ... I remember when blogger came out, and for me, things became more difficult, and infinitely easier at the same time.

  Starting a new blog, makes me terribly nostalgic for my old domain, and the -want- for another. Not that I really -need- one. Not now anyway.  

   And I'm not sure having a domain before I get my hands on another copy of Dreamweaver is wise anyway....  I'm lazy now that I'm not doing webdesign. ... but I digress.

   I'm moving here from Vox, mostly for store purposes, and its the store that got me thinking about blogging in the first place this morning.

   After an unfortunate incident, I'll leave it at that..... I have been feeling very much in the rut. Very unhappy and not being able to pinpoint why, without feeling quite a bit of pressure from some mystery source.

   Well, the mystery source, isnt such a mystery. Yesterday I got caught in a dervish, and am remembering the pure joy of being truly inspired and seized up in creating.  I think the process of actually painting from scratch, seeing a vision unfold, and doing so exactly as it is first daydreamed, is magic. It's a drug of sorts, and its really no wonder I was feeling so miserable. Because this feeling is like nothing else.

   I have a really hard time looking at my work and thinking that its any good, honestly.... but I am very happy with this project right now. Its flowing, its easy, and I  couldnt ask for anything else at the moment. I'm clocking in at 20+ hours of work so far, and I cant wait to see how it evolves from here....