Monday, July 21, 2008


I had a rather long post all written out and in progress when out of nowhere... Blue screen of death.

My computer is very unstable for reasons beyond my understanding. These are new parts, it should NOT be behaving this way at all, but I digress.... for now. Forgive me, I'm making this as cut and dry as I can lest I get shut down somehow while writing it again.

Yesterday was my first day back on the internet. This is a bit of a culture shock for me as it were, I have been living in alot of silence for the last few months. Its going to take me some time to reacclimate to SL, IM's, typing, and sorting through the insane amount of bundled prim in my lost and found folder.

SL was very selective in what it allowed me to receive while I was gone. I have notifications in email that are different than things I actually got in SL and vice versa.... if you havent heard from me and you tried to get a hold of me, please try again.

The store WILL reopen, I just dont quite know when/how/where.

Thats the shorthand ;) For now, please be patient with me. My computer is freezing up, restarting, trying to reformat itself, and in general, is driving me insane. I am baffled.
A solution should hopefully be on the way soon :)

In the meantime, Thank you for hanging out while I was gone, and for your patience both then and now :)


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