Sunday, October 1, 2017

New Releases, Fallen Gods Decennial Market & Hunt, Store renovating!

At 1pm SLT - Celebrate the Fallen Gods Dicennial with us! The Timeless Hunt and Market will open today!

For the Timeless Hunt - Leafpainter Particle set, Four Seasonal Particle Auras featuring drifts of leaves, maple seed pods and mist.

You can preview the shrubberies inworld here, (In front of the building, on the left wall) they will be available on the Marketplace and in store after the anniversary event ends.

New Releases in Store and on Marketplace this week:

Coral shelf pieces that are easy to layer into your reefs, available in eight colors!

Mad Maudlin shrubs to add texture, color and interest to your landscape!

Is your landscaping missing... SOMETHING? I bet you that it is missing clutter! Two pieces of random fallen sticks and branches in a handy groundcover help break up all that ground texture and lend a more organic feel to your groves and forests.
Sea Fans! Available in eight colors, each set comes with two pieces, allowing you to cluster them up or add a shot of interest to your underwater reefs!

The store will be undergoing some renovations to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for and get back to your busy day! For the time being, pardon the mess. These cluster releases have quickly caused chaos at the inworld store, and its time to change the layout!

Friday, June 23, 2017

What? -    Bombadillys Forest kit!
    Bombadillys Forest is a set of four different tree clusters.

I don't know about you, but the woods around here have plenty of new growth, lots of tall skinny saplings, often making the woods nearly impossible to walk through in places.  These bits are to help give you some variety in your forests. They will resize larger or smaller using standard building tools, and when you drag copies and rotate them, will help flesh out those forests quite a bit while keeping your prim counts low, and adding lots of variation.

Not just for forests though! You can use them to line pathways and roads, break up long walls of rock, create "wind breaks" in fields or create privacy walls without offending the neighbors! (Unless you have really jerky, nature hating neighbors.)

At the main store silly!
On the Marketplace