Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whats new, whats happening, etc...

meep, so its been a little too long since I posted.

So.. whats new? The store is rebuilt, I've recently released oh.. lets see..

-Tons of Giftboxes....
-Two furniture sets (upstairs)
The chairs are no poseball, animation cycle-ableish. Sit on them and touch to switch from one sit to the next, there are two poses in there ;)
-I released my first sets of Jewelry, you can find them near the door :)
-Fixed the model of Steamed Holly for the wagon vendor. The wagon itself wasnt broken, but the doors on the model version had the wrong rotations.
-Changed and re-released the pipesmoke and tobacco shelving and fireplace set, they are much more shallow now, much easier to use.

I am currently working on:
More jewelry... grueling ;/
Getting things up on Slex and Onrez
A ham, its in the oven (no really, I'm baking a ham)
Trying not to just shut down the store and call it quits ^^

OH!!!! I've gone and switched the group availability, you can still join the SL based group, but new signups are going through the Subscribe-o-matic (more info at if you dont know what that is) Yay, no more choosing between me and your group slots!

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