Friday, November 27, 2009

Gaudete Crowns (Unisex) and Twig in Ice!

From the release notes:
Holly and Ivy woven together into circlets for your pretty little heads! :)  Three versions, even one with *gasp* PINK! These actually work well for both men and women! Grab one for your Holly King!

All of the above comes Mod/Trans, but if you want one Copy/Mod instead just give me a yell! :D

Dont forget about the Balderdash Photography contest! You can find info outside the shop, by the mailbox :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gacha! @ Balderdash!

             Seven prizes are lurking in the Gacha machine just inside the door at the shop!  Toss a few coins in and win a prize~!
             Items in the machine are copy and copy/mod
             Items in the Gacha machine are also available for  their full purchase price on the wall.
             Items on the wall are Trans  and Mod/Trans

Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Balderdash - Visions of the Otherworld - Photography Contest

Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry

☪ Balderdash - Visions of the Otherworld Photography Contest ☪

Not so very long ago, there was a lonely girl who sat and dreamed. She dreamt of fantastic things.

She dreamed of ancient places woven in light and shadow, She dreamed of places made of cloud and petal, of rock and
water. She dreamed of beings made of bark, of earth, with twigs in their hair, crystals in their skin, and froth from the
waves or leaves from the trees fluttering against their bodies.

She dreamed of dark places where caves rumbled in song, where unseelie dancers twirled and stomped, sending shadows against stone walls, and mists gathered thick in cool blankets against the earth.

From time to time the girl would take out her pencils and inks, and would sketch in books with thick paper... She would sketch, and she would sketch, but never could she replicate the magical things she found in her dreaming, for they would not flow through her hands when summoned, begged, or bargained with.

And this, my friend, brings us to you...... Perhaps you can capture what she could not......

------The Rules -----

Theme: The Otherworld.... Seelie, Unseelie, Magical places, Fairy Tales....
Prize: 5,000 L Store credit for Balderdash Merchandise ONLY

Wear: You **must** wear a peice of Balderdash jewelry. It must be visible in the submission.

How to Submit entries: Fill out a notecard with your FULL NAME, Items worn in the pictures you are submitting and drop it on the mailbox outside Balderdash!

*You may submit TWO entries and ONLY TWO.

*Images may be either unprocessed, or edited in a software program such as Photoshop or Gimp. There will be two seperate categories for such entries.

(Please specify on your notecard, which the picture is intended for. Pictures submitted without specification, will automatically be entered into the "edited" category.)

* You may enter both categories, however only one picture per resident can win a prize.

* By entering your picture/s you agree that these can be used by Balderdash for any and all promotional purposes.

* Last entries will be collected from the Mailbox on December 12th, 2009.

The Grand Prize in both edited and unedited categories will be L$5,000.

* The judge's decision is final. Winners will be notified.

* Have fun!

Fire! And Statuary!

Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry

From the Release notes:
Over and over again, I receive requests for her, and I have to tell you, I've been extremely reluctant to let
go of her. Why do we get so attached to some of the things we create? I wish I knew.

At first, I diddnt want to let her go because she wasnt quite perfect. She was built on the spot and her head
was ill shaped and deformed and .. well, honestly? Blah blah blah.
Sometimes, when we dont really want to do something, we will think of any reason not to do so. I keep promising
to let her go someday... and I think today is it.
You can find her in front of the store, to the right of the stairs. <3