Friday, December 16, 2011

Papercut Studio Skybox! (and a few other things)

          A couple of new things for you! I've invited a friend of mine (begged/pleaded really) to write the release notes for said new thing, as I am not feeling very well and cannot seem to string words together. :)
         Also! In the main room of the store is a tree sitting to the right of the door, over the next several days other creators will be placing gifts under the tree as a part of the Giving circle, so please be sure to stop in and grab a present for yourself, you may discover someone new! :)

           If you have not yet gone and picked out a tree, mine are out twinkling in the lower bit of the store! The Gumdrop gatcha is out front in the snow as well!
Andddd with all of that - Onto the new thing <3
Special thanks to Amyla Wakowski for taking pity on me and writing this up super late last night. <3


Ohai! This is Amyla guestwriting for Saiyge to tell you about an exciting new pretty thing from Balderdash you could live in!

Papercut Studio Skybox (outside)

The Papercut Skybox is a studio-style structure featuring whitewashed brick and wood floors and lovely natural wood, stone and colorful artwork embellishments. The entry features a porch and three large arched multi-paned windows.

The door is scripted to open and close on touch. The door is framed by natural wood that "grows" out of the wooden porch and floor, outside and inside the skybox.

The interior is spacious, permitting one to move one's camera freely without constantly running into walls or other obstacles -- perfect for those who build things at home, or just love freedom of camera movement indoors.

Papercut Studio Skybox (inside)

The back wall features a fireplace with a gently burning fire in a stone fireplace, beneath beautiful woodcut artwork with tasteful pretty sparklies twinkling in the background. The woodcuts and built-in shelving on either side of the fireplace feature StriƩ-style painted backgrounds in a rainbowy spectrum of colors. (StriƩ means "pretty stripey paint effect," I think? Is pretteh and stripeh and

This whole wall is SO PRETTEH viewed in-world so I strongly recommend checking out the display model, available here:

The Papercut Skybox has a footprint of 20 meters by 30 meters and is 43 prims in total. I thought I was going to have to pick up some of my alt's pets to free enough prims to rez my sample skybox for research purposes, but no! Even I and my prim-hogging alt had enough prims to spare to rez this skybox! I've done a lot of skybox shopping and this is a freaking bargain for low-prim and PRETTEH.

Permissions on this product are Copy and Modify. The skybox is packaged in a rezzer for easy rezzing and placement of your skybox and its scripted door. Priced at just L$300, the Papercut Skybox is ready for you to take home... well, really, *become* your new home today! :D

Available in-world at Balderdash:

Available for gifting via IM or Notecard to Saiyge Lotus
  (who has a bug with marketplace and an active ticket!)

Preview Slurl:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New @ Balderdash!

       Draoi Headpiece - Organic, Twiggy, stone leaves and Poppy bits! If you are familar with my Twig sets, (and like them)  you may enjoy this! I think it is my current favorite of the whole lot!
Bits of.... Necklaces
Earth - Air - Fire - Water
Little bits of the elements trapped in these pendants!

Now @ Balderdash!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weaving Autumn

Too early for pumpkins and tombstones you say? Blasphemy!
(Well, really, I was asked for them, so out they came!)
Pumpkins, hanging gourd lights - They are out!
(Don't forget - the falling leaf particle and groundcover kits - Thats er.. still.. out...)

Cemetery kit? Out too and updated with a new mausoleum and a price reduction!

Oh my, and something else? Yes!

I have been working on the Shalott boat pose prop for quite a while and finally got it functioning as it should!  Yay! So out it goes too!

Want to just wander around and pretend fall is allready here? Well its your lucky day isnt it?
Balderdash Main Store
Shalott Pose Prop Demo
Cemetery Kit

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Skybox of Requirement

 It has been entirely too long since I released something (and remembered to send a notice out about it... eep!)  Thank you all for sticking around! :)

The nitty Gritty:

Store Location:
Preview Slurl:

Two versions of this release are available but they arent really that different from one another.
Sky version: 144 prims
Land version: 145 prims

 The only real difference is that the land version has an open space on the balcony, rather than it being closed off.


       This is a big and open build, you can do a lot with it. Especially built for those of us who tend to hermit up in the sky and have several projects going on at once, but want some space for people who come to visit as well. The build uses both regular prims and mega prims, so mod/copy was a must, and at 500L its a great dwelling to add to your collection. :)

   "Always." - Severus Snape