Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Fancy dancy island sim ;)

Yay, new store place! New Releases... etc. etc!

Its very exciting stuff. I know I likely sound less than excited at the moment, it has been a very stressful summer. My parents have been in and out of the hospital. Things have been crazy and chaotic, and I have come down from the 'build euphoria'.

The store can be found here

Oubliette is going to be a highly intensive interactive island with interesting stuff to find and things to poke at. It is not only the store location, but a place to weave fairytales and to unravel mysteries. Keep checking back.... and feel free to come on over and fish! (I have it on high authority that there might be some super rare junk hiding in the water somewhere... of course, that is just a rumor. -cough-)

Friday, September 5, 2008

shhhh... I haz a seekrit.......

I know, I release things in a dervish and then dissapear. -grin-

Friends of mine havent heard from me..... They likely see me pop up and pop out, but I've been mostly silent.

I'm in mad scientist/psychotic artist mode.

I'm just pulling my head out of the whirlwind to say Hello!!!

And... sooooooon I'll be able to share :)
-jigs back to work-