Friday, March 7, 2008

New Release- Triskele

The Triskele set.... Earrings and choker bits....
Located at Balderdash in Stern.


I love Triskeles. I've been in a bit of a race of the clock lately, working on what might be the last customs I ever do without seriously rethinking current policies. It was nice to be able to slow down a little to make something that holds so much meaning to me personally.

What I love about doing custom work, is that it always gives me a new perspective, the opportunity to do something I might never think to do on my own... The bad bits are always that people usually do not value the time or service you are giving them, and in most cases, certainly don't want to pay you for what the time is worth. There is a strange anomoly that goes into SL Wages, and unfortunately its the same thing that drives content theft. Alot of people don't take these things seriously because to them its a game. .... Its not about real work, it's not about having to put food on your table or keeping the lights on to them.

You do after all.. have cable, and a computer.. surely you are well off? A few bucks for three days of work is no skin off your nose yah?
I'd -love- to have that kind of attitude too.

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