Friday, December 28, 2007

Apparantly I was so bad this year, that I diddnt get coal in my stocking, I got a cold/flu/possible sinus infection for Christmas.

That said...
I've been fighting a bad fever for the past few days. Usually I work even when sick, but I cant even focus on this post let alone anything else.

So.... the sale on Christmas items was intended to last until the first, but it might? last longer dependant on when I can get my brain back. If you have any problems and need to get a hold of me, please be patient, just drop a notecard on me. If I manage to log in, IM's might get drunken responses. Dayquil is effecting me in really strange ways.

Thank you for your patience

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cool Yule Sale @ Balderdash!

At the main store only, almost all seasonal items have been knocked down by 15-30%! Christmas trees, Wreaths, Lights, Garlands and the snowmen, all have been knocked down.
The Christmas Wagon convoy, and the "Box of Tree things" have been knocked down too!

The sale goes on until I sweep everything away at the end of the year so get on in here~! Most Items are transferable!

(note: Prices are NOT retroactive.. :( )

Friday, December 14, 2007

New "Steamed Holly" Caravan, and news....

I would show you the wagon, but I havent gotten around to doing any decent promo shots of it yet because I have been s-w-a-m-p-e-d, in work. So! If you want to see the new wagon, go on over to the main shop, she's sitting right near the entry point. She's very detailed, and very unique.

She includes 9 pose pillows that are UNLINKED to the build, so you can use them, not use them, or put them where-ever you want them :) The bed and the big pillow thereon, change texture on touch, four different options... The couches do too, with three options. I think this baby ranges in under 130 prims not including the poses. The picture I Released to the group doesnt do her justice, you really need to see her in person.

Okay, that said... I'd like to share this with you......

Yep, thats yours truly, doing a neato ad for Random Calliope in celebration of his generous donation to charity. This is the final Rendezvous set being put up on auction for a worthy cause.
Go take a look here.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Silly Memes. 8 Random Facts.

Achariya, the evil girl, has gone and tagged all of Caledon in this meme. I'm officially rooted in Caledon now.... so I suppose that includes me :P

Eight Random Facts

1) I had to leave my job when my son was diagnosed with severe albiet 'functional' Autism. Thats when Sue talked me into trying to build.... Blame her, its all her fault.

2) I'm blind in one eye.

3) I -cannot- greet people if I am not at my store, or not introduced. For some reason, on my own turf I am much less shy. I will get ready to go to events and have every intention of pushing past the shyness, and yet will get twenty meters of the location and be physically unable to make myself -go-. Its very silly, very stupid, and yet there it is. Its certainly a -problem-.

4) I hate confrontation and negative drama. I have so much going on in my first life, the last thing I need is drama in SL. I think this may be a part of why #3 is such an issue.

5) I forget names, birthdays, to eat, what time it is. All the time.

6) I am always freaking out about Tier.

7) I should have gone back to bed this morning, and diddnt.

8) I often push myself far too hard, and wind up burned out and exhausted as a result. It often takes hindsight to see this. (You mean working 18 hours a day when you have bronchitis could make things worse?) ... eek.

Not tagging anyone, seriously, who -hasnt- been tagged allready?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Moves, Releases, and the pondering of Passive Aggressiveness.

First up, Balderdash has moved on over to Caledon completely~! I'm still moving in, still working on the build, still.. working on the whole thing, but thats where I am now -grins- And so far? Much happier.

This week, I've released some steampunky gear angels as tree toppers and lawn ornaments, the large ones... lookie like dis.

I've put out the Christmas ornaments, they are all copy, and there is a fatpack under the tree that includes all the ornaments, the candles, the strands of lights, etc. This picture doesnt really do much for the justice department, but... well, you get the idea.