Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Saiyge Update

**posted by Elizabeth Tinsley on behalf of Saiyge Lotus**

Saiyge had her Internet access cut off at the end of May and then briefly lost her electricity. Though the electricity has been turned back on the cable is still unavailable and does not look to be turned back on in the near future. Furthermore the location that Balderdash was occupying has reinvented itself so as of now the store is offline indefinitely as well.

Saiyge would like to extend her deep appreciate to Milli Santos who allowed her space for Balderdash for many months. It was an incredibly generous offer and one she felt honored to receive. Saiyge also wishes to thank all her loyal customers who continued to patronize Balderdash through out this very difficult spring. Saiyge tried very hard to continue to stay online but in the end the odds against her were just too great.

On an encouraging note, although I don't know when Saiyge will be back, I know she WILL be back so please keep an occasional eye to this blog for further updates. She can receive email but she cannot respond to it so if you could take a moment or two to send her some words of encouragement I am sure it would mean a lot to her.

If you need to reach Saiyge you are welcome to contact me, Elizabeth Tinsley, and I will pass along all messages to her.

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