Friday, October 24, 2008

A whole lot of new stuff!

Where to begin? I've been working working annnnnd working.

Firstly, Whiskey and Sunlight from the Jewelry expo is finally in the main store! There is also a second color scheme available, Whiskey Carnivale.

All the wagons are out again, But this time they are unfurnished... which means.. less prims, more flexibility for you ;) And there is a newwww one too.... The Triskele Bow-Top is all Purples, Teals and Greens.... come by and take a peek....

Also out tonight is another silly little Jackolantern. OoooOOooo is sitting out front with the rest of the pumpkins, playing nice. The name, a silly tip of the hat to UO, for those of you ancient enough in virtual gaming circles to remember :)

Out in Oubliette is also a new wild corn field. Go a wandering to find it! :) Last but not least, are the ladies. Eightish ghostly ladies all sculpted and flexi and sad, spooky or melancholy. Each one seems to have her own story. You can find them out on the porch!

Have a wonderful night!

Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry

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