Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just a note...

I have... alot of issues going on. Some of them are just ... still going on. The computer is still unstable... and because of a myriad of issues, I may be forced offline for an undetermined amount of time.

Should this happen, I can be emailed at, though I wont have access to it until.... well... I'm not sure. I really am torn with being extremely honest and putting it all out there and .... not saying anything at all. There really isnt any possible way for me to give details without coming out with all of them.

I can only really say that things are not going well.

The store, is in a safe place for the time being, thanks to one hell of a nice woman :) And if she needs to hit that autoreturn button, I completely understand. I really have no idea about how long this forced hiatus could wind up being... It could be a day, it could be a year.

My point is.... first... if I'm not here, Elizabeth Tinsley has my contact information and CAN get a hold of me if need be. She will know if I've fallen off the face of the earth or not. (Just be nice to her if she takes a bit getting back to you, she's got alot of work on her plate as it is.)

Other than that... I want to be sure all of you know how grateful I am for your support of Balderdash, It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know some of you, and I will do my best to get back if things turn out the way I think they will.


Anonymous said...

You certainly don't have to worry about anyone hitting the return button. You and your store are perfectly safe where they are, should you need it for a week or a year. xxx

Saiyge Lotus said...

Milli, have I Told you how awesome you are? :) :)

Thank you :) Its nice to have some peace of mind ^^