Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Releases at the Armoire!

Have you checked out The Armoire yet? No? Why not???? You have until tomorrow night before we pack it on up and head back to our stores!

First up: The new Releases!

Patience is the one to the left. It has a belt, choker, earrings and a bracelet done in three semi-precious stones. Malachite, Tigereye, and Blue Goldstone.

The disks of stone are all knotted together with black leather, with beaded accents in hematite. The design is the first peice I've done thats based off my rl beadworking, and took -days- longer than the original peice. -eyeroll- I suppose by now I shouldnt be surprised that it takes SO long to do some of these peices.

The other new set is a tip of the hat to the first set of jewelry I ever did (Elora). Starlight, Starbright is done in copper and silver, and comes with a ring, choker, earrings, a barette and a bracelet. The hunt peices at The Armoire go along with this particular set.

Unfortunately, Starlight, Starbright is a bit difficult to take detail shots of without cluttering up your screen with some huge montage of peices, SO! I will show you the vendor and the Treasure close ups instead, and I'll hope that you will forgive me for the screen real estate I'm taking up here.

Now, in the treasure hunt, there are two different chests. The silver chest has this barette in periwinkle. the GOLD chest has a limited edition pair of hoop earrings. BOTH peices go with this set <3 When you land, there are two pillars, on touch they will give you instructions for the hunt. PLEASE, please please read the instructions carefully :) Tomorrow from NOON SLT-2pm SLT we will have live models out and about wearing our peices, so be sure to come check that out :) After The Armoire event, these two new sets will be moving to the main store @ Balderdash.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New! Rosaries

Saiyge has released her latest labour of love, the Rosary series.

This has been a much requested item, and Saiyge took her time tweaking and working to get the many details just right., from the handpainted cameo medallion to each tiny crystal bead. There are three options, which come in the following jewel tones:

Merlot (burgundy or dark red)
Wheatgrass (green)
Midnight (dark blue)
Seaspray (deep plummy purple with inset flecks of green)
Coal (black, of course)

The first option is the necklace (180L sold separately)

The second and third options are the same necklace, but wrapped around your wrist and delicately laced in between your fingers (sold together for 225L). In one the pendant falls across the knuckles (as shown in the above photo), or trails delicately
along your fingers as shown here:

As per previous releases, these are Mod/Trans, so they are perfect for gifting.
To view the other colours, and our other creations currently available, please follow this direct landmark:

While you're here, please feel free to wander about Oubliette. We've worked hard at creating a place that welcomes you with whimsy and ever-changing surprises in every corner. Our goal is to make Oubliette a destination for exploration and play, made for anyone who could use some magic and wonder in their lives (and honestly who doesn't??) Also, many of the constructs peppered around the sim are for sale, so it is possible to take a piece of Oubliette home with you.

NOTE: Please direct any product inquiries to Saiyge Lotus via notecard, and don't fret if it gets bounced back to you. Chances are, Saiyge is in creation mode, and keeps a steady eye on her trash folder in case that should happen.