Friday, February 22, 2008

Special project - Collaboration peice with the lovely Hya of Silent Sparrow

I am one lucky girl. I have been a big fan of Hya's gorgeous clothing for some time now, and I've been blessed to find that she is not only talented, but unique, down to earth and a wonderful friend. Hya has been a color for me for a while now, with her distinctive tealy blue signature... and she's also been an inspiration for other projects of mine. When I started trinketing with jewelry, there was no question in my mind that eventually I'd like to do something to go with her lovely pieces.... The question would be How badly would I embarrass myself?

I mentioned something along the lines of maybe doing a set to go with one of her releases sometime.. oh.. last week? Little did I know she would give me the chance to do just that within days.

Last weekend, Hya passed me these lovely confections in gradient stripes and florals... Immediately what sprang to mind was victorian disneyesque gothica. I've been working almost nonstop on this set all week (computer permitting). I'll be releasing this set tomorrow, but theres no reason you cant have a sneaky peek at it.
(Do any of you actually read this thing anyway???) ^^

This dress immediately had me thinking spring, lush rolling meadows and little fat chickadees and bluebirds swarming amongst the butterflies. I wracked my brain wondering what in the world could I make for -this-? It wasn't all that hard. The hard part was getting the cameo I wanted accomplished. Warm iridescent shell, and a lovely victorian lady holding a fat little bird in the palm of her hand. This is the vision that came to mind.... I rather like her.

The set consists of a choker of ribbon with laces that trail down the back from a little bow, the necklace, the earrings.. and a brooch that is meant to nestle betwixt ones cleavage. Now... I wear an awful lot of suits (I really only wear dresses for shock value and out of very random urges... Its very rare that I'll be seen in a skirt.) And I really love this cameo... so the brooch bit doubles as a cravat pin. (You get both the cravat AND the brooch together when you buy them. One attaches at the chest, one attaches to the spine)

The bits come on their own, OR you can buy a Necklace set (necklace/earrings) Choker set (choker, earrings) Or the whole dang kit.. and it comes with.. well... all the pieces at a little bit of a discount :)

OH! All the pieces I sell are now : Copy/mod (on headpieces and neck bits) and Earrings/brooches are copy only.

If you would like to gift someone with a set, just let me know, I"ll give you a mod/trans set... until I get myself a vendor set up for gift purposes. (I don't bite,... much) :)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Hya... for being such a lovely muse, and a wonderful friend. :) And thank you to all of you out there for your encouragement and support :)


Auntykuro said...

YAY !!!

I'm so glad, Saiyge! (You better give her a LM to your store to add to the set, if you haven't :D )

It's bloody gorgeous. *grabby hands* can't wait.

Saiyge Lotus said...

HEhe Thank you Ach :) I'm not really sure what Hya will want to do, I havent asked, I've been so mired in finishing touches and the bloody vendor :)

I'm just glad she let me use her for musing ^^