Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New @ Balderdash!

       Draoi Headpiece - Organic, Twiggy, stone leaves and Poppy bits! If you are familar with my Twig sets, (and like them)  you may enjoy this! I think it is my current favorite of the whole lot!
Bits of.... Necklaces
Earth - Air - Fire - Water
Little bits of the elements trapped in these pendants!

Now @ Balderdash!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weaving Autumn

Too early for pumpkins and tombstones you say? Blasphemy!
(Well, really, I was asked for them, so out they came!)
Pumpkins, hanging gourd lights - They are out!
(Don't forget - the falling leaf particle and groundcover kits - Thats er.. still.. out...)

Cemetery kit? Out too and updated with a new mausoleum and a price reduction!

Oh my, and something else? Yes!

I have been working on the Shalott boat pose prop for quite a while and finally got it functioning as it should!  Yay! So out it goes too!

Want to just wander around and pretend fall is allready here? Well its your lucky day isnt it?
Balderdash Main Store
Shalott Pose Prop Demo
Cemetery Kit