Friday, April 25, 2008

And just when you thought it was safe.....

I have new problems with the computer... and frankly, I am exhausted with having computer issues. Seriously :(

The fan on my motherboard chip is dead. I have the good old housefan propped and blowing directly on my board but my temps have been skyrocketing in the last week or so.

This comp has more 'new' parts in it than I can fathom, and still, things happen and things break, and I just dont have the resources to keep replacing things.

IF there is ever a next time, where I am in a position to get a new comp, which is not likely as this computer was built under the pretense that I was not going to be able to afford a new one for several years.... But should there be a next time, I'll just go back to good old prepackaged, prebuilt, extended warranty blah blah blah out of the box models.

This has been a horrible experience. The parts are all highly rated and highly reccomended to be reliable. We did 6 months of homework on every part that went into this machine.

So... right now, I"m paring down on all responsiblities I currently have in SL, my machine, and my life, have become far too unstable for me to make any sort of commitments.
I'm just posting here in case I'm unable to actually get inworld to let people know that yet again, I have issues.

Perhaps this is some wierd kind of divine intervention to get me out of SL ... blah.

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