Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sim Wide party at Oubliette!

Come join us tonight at 6pm SLT for our simwide party! Bring your friends!

Skating, Dancing, Bring your friends!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Whiskey sets in Five different colors!

Don't forget, we have a SimWide party tomorrow at 6pm SLT!

Annnnd theres a TON of holiday stuff out and about!

Yay, For once, a short winded update for you all! :)
Have a great day!

You're Invited!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lots of Wintery goodness @ Balderdash

Oh Noes! Balderdash is on FIRE! We arent sure if the original Oubliette isle is going to be around much longer, so take a peek while you can.

The new store is North on the next sim over... I know, I know, I keep moving. Hopefully I wont have to move again for a while -grins-

There are lots of new things scattered everywhere throughout the new store and in the cottage down the hill. Blogspot is being a pain and won't let me post all the pictures so I'll just toss you the rundown :) Some old and some new :)

New on the steps are the Celestia Celestio memorial candles and globe candles... In the shop: Steampunk angel lawn ornaments and tree toppers. Stockings on the fireplace....Christmas trees and wreaths... The wagon convoy (for underneath the tree) is back this year! You can find that under the trees in the shop AND in the cottage along with the garlands which are both on the store, cottage, and strewn over a few streetlamps here and there.

In the Cottage: Fully decorated tree. I was hounded and hounded last year for this, so I made sure to put it out there somewhere :)

New Warped and Melancholy furniture based off the old Warped and willowy set :) Sculpted snow groundcover sets are outside, there is a mod/copy set and a 20 peice set leaning against the building.

Once you are done over there, head on down the trail a bit to the north and you will find the Build your own Snowman kits are back again this year! Touch their faces to change their expression :) You can find more snaps over at my flickr... :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Stuff and Rental info!~

Hello Everyone!

There is some craziness happening here at Balderdash. First, the new stuff, then an important inquiry :)


When I was a little girl, charm bracelets fascinated me. My favorites were the old vintage ones, with little peices that moved and such wonky little themes. I had quite a collection but lost them in a move, sadly.

Today I've released a set called "Charmed, I'm sure... - (The Faery's Hoard)"
The set features a simple chain with different little charms on it. A pressed four leafed clover... an hourglass, a teacup, a couple little love letters with a quill, a watchface without hands, and an old fashioned telephone. There are three sets of earings that are great for mixing and matching :) I hope you enjoy these little whimsical peices as much as I enjoyed making them.

The new set comes with singular options, as well as a fatpack for the earrings. (I've also gone and fatpacked the Coggle earrings set, and will be fatpacking Elora at some point.)


I had gotten so many requests for unfurnished wagons that I thought maybe thats how everyone wanted them... apparantly not! Who knew? The furnished wagons are available again in the same place as always. Yay, more choice.

Not long after I released the Triskele wagon, I had a request do do the same
one in blacks and reds. I snuck it out into the vendor earlier this week. Very dark and broody.

-----------------------------Rental announcement--------------------------

We are looking for that special someone, could it be you? We like walks along the rocky shoreline, spelunking and exploring by moonlight.... scraped knees and musty old haunted places.... Interested? Read on!

(A letter from Elizabeth Tinsley)

Hi all,

I think we are going to try and make a go of Oubliette and we have to magnificent designers already calling it home, Saiyge Lotus of Balderdash and Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet. We are looking for at least one more person to come and join us on this adventure.

We are aiming on creating an interactive, immersive showcase kind of sim that pulls ppl into a story and let's them become a character. The sim will be an attraction all its own introducing new ppl to your creations and allowing you to work in collaboration with two other amazing artists to create a truly unique SL experience for people. We want all the builds to hollistically fit into story of Oubliette so if you are interested in being a part of the story come and take a look around and then contact Saiyge Lotus or Elizabeth Tinsley to find out more.

space is rented at 5.5L/ prim or 3750 prims for 20k

you will receive a parcel for your store for TPing and such but the prim allotment will be available over the total area of the sim

You really must visit Oubliette and the Isle of LostDreams to truly appreciate what Saiyge has built and see why belonging to this community has the potential to be like no experience you have ever had. Come help carve out your own niche at Oubliette. :)


-Saiyge's Notes-

The Sim is very hilly, and crazy at the moment. It is still in development and changes day by day. Very little is set in stone at the moment. We are really looking for someone who has a sense of adventure, who wants to help us weave this place full of magic and who wouldnt mind becoming a part of Oubliettes story. If you are looking for a place to call home, be it for residential or commercial purposes, please take a look, wander a bit... give us a yell. :)

Thank you for taking a gander at this very rambly note :)
-Saiyge Lotus
-Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry