Friday, October 26, 2007

Gah, problems....

I don't even know if anyone looks at this thing or not. I'm having some major problems with my secondary hard drive. My system runs on two drives at the moment. The smaller one, C is a partitioned drive, its old, its been loyal. It replaced the first hard drive that blew as a result to what we think happened to everything else earlier this year when I was forced on hiatus.... which was a faulty power supply that was burning out everything.

At the moment, my F drive, the big one, the good one.. the "lets install everything on HERE so that if C fails....." .... is giving errors, locking up my system, causing me huge issues. If this drive is failing all hell is breaking loose for me and I wind up losing about 95% of the programs I use on a daily basis.
... Not to mention, all my base texture files, all of my snapshots, ..... absolutely everything is on this drive.

I dont know what this means at the moment, only that I wanted to give people a heads up that there are serious problems with my comp at the moment and I dont know what that will mean for releases etc. I'll post again when I know anything else -sighs-

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