Sunday, September 16, 2007

First Post!

You know, its really strange when something you used to do all the time, becomes a phenomenon. A social wave per se.  I remember hand coding html and typing up journal posts with a very tempremental capslock/shift key in 1995.  And ... I remember when blogger came out, and for me, things became more difficult, and infinitely easier at the same time.

  Starting a new blog, makes me terribly nostalgic for my old domain, and the -want- for another. Not that I really -need- one. Not now anyway.  

   And I'm not sure having a domain before I get my hands on another copy of Dreamweaver is wise anyway....  I'm lazy now that I'm not doing webdesign. ... but I digress.

   I'm moving here from Vox, mostly for store purposes, and its the store that got me thinking about blogging in the first place this morning.

   After an unfortunate incident, I'll leave it at that..... I have been feeling very much in the rut. Very unhappy and not being able to pinpoint why, without feeling quite a bit of pressure from some mystery source.

   Well, the mystery source, isnt such a mystery. Yesterday I got caught in a dervish, and am remembering the pure joy of being truly inspired and seized up in creating.  I think the process of actually painting from scratch, seeing a vision unfold, and doing so exactly as it is first daydreamed, is magic. It's a drug of sorts, and its really no wonder I was feeling so miserable. Because this feeling is like nothing else.

   I have a really hard time looking at my work and thinking that its any good, honestly.... but I am very happy with this project right now. Its flowing, its easy, and I  couldnt ask for anything else at the moment. I'm clocking in at 20+ hours of work so far, and I cant wait to see how it evolves from here....

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