Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Wagons are Back! ...

Just a note to say that the wagons are finally back. You can find them out in a vendor on the front lawn. Very exciting for me, as now I can build new things with the available prims, for the time being at least.

Now that Halloween has come and gone -sniffle-, I'll be leaving the pumpkins out for one more day before they dissapear until next year. Grab em now if you havent allready!

Naturally, alot of the other things may seem Halloween oriented, the cauldrons have always been a part of Balderdash, they arent going anywhere, and Primzilla will stay in the vendor as well, so no worries on that count.

The only wagon you -wont- find is the Equine. She's undergoing a makeover. -wicked grin- Keep your eyes peeled!

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