Thursday, November 8, 2007

'Zat you, Santa Clause?

I've been blogged!!!! -glee- There is something both scary and thrilling about seeing someone writing about your work, Thank you so much Ach. :)

I have... so many releases going on its not even funny. So! Lets get on with it yah?

Today: The Double swirled curly streetlamps are now in a vendor... Along with today's release, a new lower prim streetlamp on the same theme as the Serpetine lamps I've had for a while, The Serpentina teardrop lamps come in three different shades, Are a little lower in prim, and I happen to think they are pretty swell. -grins-

Yesterday: Christmas trees and wreaths, all prelit, found their way -finally- into the vendor inside the main store. This is setting a foundation, there are alot of things coming for these trees.... -smiles-
The Pines are my very first tree ever, and I'm rather proud of them. There is a large outdoor twinkly tree in white lights available by the wagons. The smaller christmas trees are all under 16 prims I think... depending on the light scheme you choose. This makes it pretty prim affordable for you to dress them up as much or as little as you like... More coming on that, I promise....

The wreaths are prelit, they come in twinkle versions and in steady light versions. Due to the allready crazy demand, yes, I'll be offering them with different ribbon colors as soon as I get a chance. :)

Also!!! last night I released the "Build your own Snowman Kit" He comes with : Head (his expression changes when you click his face), sculpted carrot nose, Lower body parts, Twiggy arms, a scarf, Pine bough mustache and eyebrows, Berry beard, Berry goatee (the berries are flex) ..

Earlier this week... I released garlands in different sizes, and when I have taken a few days off from them, I will be trying to assemble a garland kit.

Lots more coming as the season draws closer...
Did you know theres only 40ish days till Christmas? -ducks and runs-

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"...Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"