Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aiii, What a week!!!!

Talk about being stressgirl ^^. Over the last week I've moved a few things to the Le Cadre shop, although, not much really. 75 prims doesnt go far when you do trinkets -chuckles- , I've also moved out of Intemptesta Nox, as the region is undergoing major construction... and I've moved to a nice little island in the middle of nowhere.

Its quite a culture shock for me at the moment. The entire place was level and flat, but thankfully -not- all sand. I am truly not fond of beach, beach, beach. It's different in alot of ways from being in Intemp, brighter.... less haze, regular sun cycle. If you have been to Intemptesta... I dont need to even start on the change in ambience, you will know. I knew I was utterly spoiled on that count before.

I am still tweaking the build, but its coming along. Its quite a bit different from anything I've done before ... I have a habit in getting caught up in tiny details. ... I'm trying to take a step back from it at the moment so I can see it with fresh eyes, as I've been forbidden to trash the setup.

So! In the meantime, forgive my dust and my constant little changes here and there, but come and see!! :) I've updated the Slurl ---> But you can look me up inworld and the link is in the classifieds on my profile :)

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