Monday, December 22, 2014

Spread some joy giveaway!

Balderdash - Spread Some Joy Giveaway!

Happy Holidays to my Ne'erdowells!

    Tis the season to spread some joy and warm fuzzies - the powers that be know that we sure could use some this year!
 Deadline - Midnight SLT 12/23/2014

Read me carefully!  We are spreading JOY and HAPPY here, Damn it!

  Two separate ways to enter!
  First Prize -   Gimme! pack -OR- single tree -or- thing of your choice for you AND a friend!
  How:             Send me a notecard telling me the name of a friend in SL you would like to nominate for this prize and why.
Second Prize - Gimme! pack OR Single tree or thing of your choice for YOU!
  How:                 Send me one or more of the following in a notecard:
                  - An SL Photo of your favorite spot in Oubliette this winter.
                  - Your favorite memory (RL or SL)
                  - Your favorite holiday tradition
                  - A secret, wish, hope or dream.  (I collect them you see.... and then spin them into Oubliette.)
  -Rules and whatnots-
  - Send all entries to Saiyge Lotus
  -Gimme! pack, singles, or THINGS refer to objects created by Saiyge Lotus:  Balderdash  and Saiygewood items only.
  - Winners will be contacted before the New Year begins, *knock on wood* barring calamity or things going awry in some way  for Saiyges, which would prevent the contacting/sending etceteras. in a timely fashion.
- Deadline is Midnight, Christmas eve eve. 12/23/2014 SLT..              
 - Have fun, be sentimental, feel something good. Spread some random kindness. <3   

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