Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thanks for all the fish.... Sort of.

I will be going on a quasi-hiatus. Sort of.

Computer issues have struck again, and currently I am being hit with blue screens and can only hop into SL on super low draw distance, low settings and on low populated sims in order to do anything. Getting cheeky and turning settings up in order to build anything larger than.. my avatar say, causes some nasty artifacts, green screens, cream colored screens, and freezes my machine completely. On the back up machine, I can see beautifully, but can't move.
Second Life on medium settings

So - I can log in on one machine, take a snapshot for an ad that will take me 15 minutes to a half hour, and then I can log onto this one where- I can send a notecard. I can stare at the screen in frustration.  I can probably do a release or two for the holidays, as the building and texture work is pretty much done on the new garlands. (coming soon!.... ish.)

But I cannot do any custom work. No real building, I cannot do any terraforming and/or landscaping for anyone else.  At least not until I either throw money (replacement memory, motherboard, Graphics card) at this machine, or replace it. (Because replacing those things one at a time only to figure out its not the thing I just replaced? Expensive.)
I have no current ETA on when the situation will change.
Sooner if the entire grid decides it needs a tree or five.

I have been very bad at updating the blog so.... some things that you may have missed:

Most of the trees/plants currently available have been switched to 2.0, and now are seasonal changing using one little script and a hud. Prices have been slashed. REALLY slashed.

Some products are now available in Moss at Dusk, a new mossy and purple foliaged combo. The Enchanted groves now come in two sizes - normal and ... really tall...  They look TOO tall when they are just sitting on the platform, but the old groves are kind of difficult to resize for height after a certain point and would break in a rather nasty way. I got tired of having to rebuild them for my own uses so figured it would behoove me to make them available in a taller version. So much easier and way less fiddly.

Visit the store inworld here and follow the arrows to the trees or use the teleporters. Be sure to play with the little store models! (I probably think its more fun than it actually IS.)
If you need to get a hold of me, you can TRY to offline, you can find me on skype (saiyge), You can comment here. <3 or find me via Plurk.

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