Friday, April 22, 2016

New Releases @ Fantasy Faire!

I built Fairelands Junction @ Fantasy Faire,  (Junction entry point)
And there are new things in my shop there!   (Preview releases @ Flickr)

WHERE:  Balderdash Store on Junction
More about Fantasy Faire

And personal babble under the jump!~


A not really story about Junction this year:

Each year in the spring, Junction stretches and awakens, reshaping and unleashing the magic she has harbored through the winter back into the Fairelands, creating a gateway into magical realms both terrifying and glorious. 

This year was different. Spring came in, impatiently attempting to wake Junction from her slumber, to scrub away the cold of winter, but to no avail. Junction rolled over in her dreaming, letting loose only little puffs of magic. Spring struggled, thrusting roots into the soil and tendrils toward the sky, weaving itself into a shambles of bushes, brambles and thickets--but without love and the magic to sustain it, Junction dreamt, and spring slipped into silence.

 Now Junction lies sluggish and apathetic beneath her withered blanket, and spring wonders if she will ever awaken, or who can help break into her dreaming...
------------------- A few notes - not in any real order, but just thoughts.

I apologize that this is really, REALLY going to be nonsense and babble.  Getting ready for Fantasy Faire always takes a lot out of me, I am basking in the aftermath, I am still. Less chaotic than I have been in weeks. I am sloth and gluttony. I have words, but I lack the ability to duct tape them into great sentences.

I will sort of be mentally torpid for a day or so, now that the faire has opened, and then I will be a bit more reflective. There is a process to these things. A sort of slow unfurling of emotion, remembrances, sadnesses, joys.  Usually these are feelings I associate with the ending of the old year, and the beginning of a new one. But I tell you - I feel these things far more keenly around this time of year, and most especially after the third Junction, or "Swamp" junction from a few years ago.

     I'll tell you a secret that is not really a secret. The Fairelands Junction sim starts out withered (mostly) - and over the next week or so, it will unwither, and wake up a bit. So if you go, I hope you will return to wander Junction a bit as the faire progresses, and not only look forward, but up!

   I promise... I'll be working on a store build pretty soon, and likely with hunks of Junction, because I'm ... kind of attached to the build.  And you all will be the first ones I tell.

Thank you so much for continuing on this journey with me, and for being so terribly supportive throughout the years. Your letters of kindness after Oubliette sank, stick with me always.  I am so appreciative for all of you.

-Saiyge Lotus
- Balderdash

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