Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vale of Remembrance alcove walls

Available at the ground level Balderdash Main Store and Saiygewood!

They are finally OUT! The mesh walls featured at the Fantasy Faire Junction sim in the Vale of Remembrance are out! YAY!
Forgive me for being overly excited, but I've been working on these for months! \o/

Two different types!  Candle Alcoves and Seating Alcoves in three texture types, Info after the jump!

Mesh Walls, Material enabled! 
Please remember, because these walls are mesh, the Land Impact will get higher or lower if you resize them!
Materials are subtle on these, but most definitely there!

Candle Alcove walls 
Candle Alcoves- Three different types of wall - All C/M 
All candle alcove walls include a c/m candle, candles turn on/off on touch!
Random Lights Wall:[8 LI]
This wall is 2 mesh prims linked together, The alcove light effect is a single object and can be modded but is less customizable than the second wall, as the random lit areas are pre-configured in one mesh.

Customizable Lights: [15 LI out of the box, see below!]
Each alcove space has a singular light effect mesh prim that can be selected by itself and unlinked so that you can lower your land impact and randomize your own walls - freeing you up to put non-light objects in them.. you know, or .. not. 

Both walls LIT UP! versions:
Randomly lit: [14 LI]
Fully Lit: [30 LI]

Walls are linked up with a candle in each lit space, Turn on/off on touch!
(To remove a light effect prim if you are not much of a builder, right click>Edit> Edit linked   Then click right on the lit alcove you want to remove and Unlink then delete! Go You! You should have a darkened alcove now!)

Alcove Seating Walls: [3 LI]

9 poses, seats 3 - all pretty platonic and using the Avsitter system 


To tint or to change textures, just go into build mode and select faces! 

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