Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wintery and Holiday Goodness!

So much stuff... I cant even.

Please forgive the lack of formal vendor picture previews, If you had to wait for them, I'm afraid I would be a blubbering, drooling mass of slush somewhere and you would be getting this in January. (You know, when most of us go back to spring? Yeah.. that would not be very helpful.)

On to the stuff!
PS - There are tons of things. All of them are located at the store in the sky, and some will be on the ground below as well.  I am exhausted from setting up all of the things and I might forget to mention something, please to forgive. Tired Saiyge is Tired. - Thank you for being patient and Thank you for looking!

TLDR:  Dreaming tree in winter, Winter Fairy arbor, Winter vine,  Wreaths, AWESOME Garlands, Indoor holiday trees, Outdoor winter trees, Enchanted grove in winter,  Twisty tree (winter)... and I might be forgetting something.  If you don't mind walking around the store and windowshopping, you can find it all here

Balderdash-Saiygewood - Enchanted Grove - Wintery
Avail in : C/m and M/t

Balderdash - Gemdrop Winter trees (16 prim)
Snowkissed Evergreens with: Hot Pink, Pink, Dusk (purply blue shift),  Red& Green, Blue lights

Balderdash - Saiygewood- Frostkissed Evergreen   (Outdoor lightly frosted Evergreen)
Balderdash - Saiygewood- Snowkissed Evergreen   (Outdoor snowy white Evergreen)

(9 prim)

Balderdash - Cool Yule Trees! (Previous release)
Lit (16 prim)  - - - Decorated (56/57 prim)
Indoor Christmas Trees with lights!  DIY for decorating! Ornaments here!
Also: Two decorated trees, one large, one reg size, already tricked out for those of you who just want it DONE already.

Garlands and Wreaths!
A mix of old and new, but mostly NEW!
I am so excited about these!   The older garlands are out, theres four of them but The NEW garlands and wreaths are lovely and LOW prim!
The Old garlands are 10 prim, available copy or in a trans only 10 pack.

***The NEW Garlands are available in  m/c  or a m/t 10 pack.  (Snowkissed or Evergreen)
There are 3 types:  Plain - 1 prim and 2 light variations at ***3 prim*** a piece. THREE PRIMS!

WREATHS! - Trans only, there are 8 9 of them!
(White and red is currently only out on the ground)
4-6 prims each!!!

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