Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trees and Creepers, Creepers and Trees? Creeper Trees?

--Details for impatient people not inclined to listen to Saiygeblather--

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What:  Creepers now available (finally!) in Dusk and Red!
Where: Right here!

What: Wee little Groves of Autumn Trees!
Where?: Here! Birch
That other one with darker trunks

What:  Fabulous prefab Enchanted Forests!

-----------------------Saiyge Blather ----------------------------

Phew!  Did you know that I hate making vendors?
No? Well - I hate making vendors.
Did you know that I LOVE Autumn? Maybe?  Well... I've told myself that
"No, Saiyge, you cannot put anything autumnal down on the sim until you package the
trees and OMG those creepers you haven't vendored."
Do you remember when the other green creepers were released? Yeah. I made
these at the same time, and honestly, I've been so overwhelmed with the idea
of vendoring them that... I ... just.. haven't.
Until now!  Yay NOW!
And now I can get trees down on the sim. Everyone wins. Yay! Well, maybe just
-I- win. I'm okay with that. But it did not seem fair to have trees that you couldn't ALSO have considering other people also like fall and whatnot, and the falling starts.. well RIGHT-THIS-SECOND. (Or earlier.)

Anyway - YAY TREEEEEESSSSSS WOOOOO! We so excited and they hey-hey.
Or not.

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