Friday, July 10, 2009

Buy Two: Get one free! - One day left!

Until Midnight tonight~! All Jewelry and all furnishings.. EVERYTHIING at Balderdash except for the Fly me to the Moon in the loch is ON SALE.

All Balderdash jewelry is Mod/Transfer (you can write and request different copy/mod instead) So come on down and buy that set you've been looking at, and pick one up for your friend while you are at it!

Buy two of any BALDERDASH items and receive one item free!

(EXCLUDING the "Fly me to the moon chair in the loch. Thats a collaboration item. Sale ONLY pertains to BALDERDASH on Oubliette, not at satelite locations or any of the stores on Oubliette that arent Balderdash :) )

**** Free item must be in EQUAL or lesser value to the highest priced item purchased.*****

What to do:

☞ Buy TWO items - Choose a THIRD item in equal or lesser value to the highest priced item. Send your transaction history in a new notecard to Saiyge Lotus and tell me what you would like. Please be color specific if warranted.

☞ YOU MUST include your name and transaction history for the two items purchased.
Please use your FULL second Life name, no nicknames.

(Using your transaction history helps me just in case something goes wonky with SL and I cant check my own. You can see your transaction history via the Second Life website, Log in, Go to your account, look on the lefthand side and select "Transaction History" Just copy and paste the relevant entries into a brand new notecard for me <3)

☞ I will be hand filling these, its just me and no one else. I will fill them as I get them, and I will be checking at LEAST twice a day. Please allow me 24 hours to get back to you. If you do NOT hear from me, send me ANOTHER copy of the notecard, and an IM.


If you are unsure of the instructions above, please drop me a notecard. You can try to send an IM, I'll be more than happy to help you if I am logged in. I cap very quickly if I am not here because of all the subscriptions I have etc. Thank you and have a great week!!!! -Saiyge Lotus

-Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry

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