Monday, January 12, 2009

New Jazz Funeral sets @ Balderdash - Bagatelle & Trinketry!

New out tonight at Balderdash Bagatelle & Trinketry!

Five new colors of Jazz Funeral are available in the first room. Available by the set or all six (these plus the original) in a fatpack! I kept getting requests for this in different colors once I started doing that for other sets.... And here they are!

The new sets are currently only available at the main shop on Oubliette!
Have a good one! <3


Lawra Loo said...

These are super cute =D I shall go grab 'em when I'm in world.
Plurk is bein funky and wont let me reply to your plurks *kicks plurk*
Hope you're doing peachy keen!

Saiyge Lotus said...

Aww Thank you sweetie! And eek! -kicks plurk with you!-